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Modelling and Simulation in the Environmental and Earth Sciences

In recent years, the use of modelling and simulation methods and techniques in the environmental and geosciences has not only led to an increase in the level of knowledge in individual scientific disciplines, but has also contributed significantly to the integration of different disciplines.
However, this success in the use of simulations has to be constantly worked out anew both through the continuous cultivation of interdisciplinary contacts and through the further development of models and simulators.
With its annual workshops, the specialist group "Simulation in the Environmental and Geosciences" offers an ideal forum to inform oneself about the current state of environmental modelling as well as to present new, own ideas and approaches to solutions and to discuss them intensively in a round of experts with a pleasant discussion culture.
The spectrum therefore ranges from highly specialised mathematical ecosystem models, relevant mathematical methods and universal software tools to universal software tools used in the environmental and geosciences.

The specialist group would like to continue working on these topics in a special session at EnviroInfo and encourages everyone whose work is in this exciting interdisciplinary field to contribute to the discussion!


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Wittmann, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW Berlin), University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Please contact the organizer in case you are not sure whether your working topic is of interest for this special track!

Important rules for submissions and dates can be found here.