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Environmental Informatics – 
A bogeyman or saviour to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

27th – 29th September 2021 in Berlin, Germany

Please note the new program schedule!

If you would like to participate, you can find the details here.

The EnviroInfo 2021 is the 35th edition of the long standing and established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental information and communication technologies. The conference is open for contributions covering innovative topics at the interface between informatics and environmental research. 

The conference will be organised in thematic sessions and special tracks. The event is taking place at the historic centre of Berlin at the School of Business and Economics, Humboldt-University, in parallel to the annual convention of the German Informatics Society ("Gesellschaft für Informatik") under the umbrella topic “Computer Science and Sustainability”. 

The conference is organized by the Technical Committee for Environmental Informatics of the German Informatics Society. Under the general umbrella topic we will discuss how environmental informatics can contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Will it play a key role or will the rebound effects of the use of ICTs lead to the goals not being achieved? Submissions covering a wide range of aspects of these questions are very welcome.

In the name of the program committee, we will invite contributions in the form of:

  • Full papers
  • Short papers / Short contributions / Work in Progress
  • Posters
  • Special tracks

For more information please read the full Call for Papers.

Submission Details

We invite contributions of the following categories with different reviewing processes, different publication levels and different presentation formats (the same information also applies to submissions for Special Tracks):


TypeSubmission/ ReviewingPublication   PresentationDeadlinePublishing House

Full scientific research paper

Complete text for peer review

10-16 pages in a springer book or a journal publication

Traditional session

31.05.2021 15.06.2021Springer
Work in progress or short contribution 
 (problems, ideas, visions)
Complete text for peer review

max 8 pages published with ISBN or ISSN

Traditional sessions or special tracks26.07.2021Shaker

Short abstract (300 words) for peer review

 Poster session26.07.2021Shaker
Abstract and talk only

Short abstract (300 words) for peer review


Traditional sessions or special tracks



Information for Authors

Full papers:

Accepted full papers will be published in the Springer book series “Progress in IS”. The Scope of Full Paper contributions is 10 – 16 pages.
LaTeX / Word templates and proceedings guidelines for the full scientific papers to be published by Springer can be found under Guidelines for full scientific papers.

Please use Springer MathPhys Style for References.

Contributor Agreement

Each corresponding author should print the form, enter the title of the chapter as well as the names of the authors at the top of the form and sign it. Important: details of the chapter authors (sequence, names, name and affiliation of corresponding author) given in the Contributor Agreement should be complete, final, and correspond to the details given in the manuscript. As this is a legal document, we cannot accept changes at a later stage and ask for your understanding in this matter. 


Short papers:

The Scope of short paper contributions is up to 8 pages. For Work in Progress and Short Contributions please use the following template.
You can find an example here.

If you would like to participate at EnviroInfo 2021 you are welcome to submit your proposals here.


Important Dates

Special Tracks
31.01.2021 Deadline Call for Special Tracks
15.02.2021 Notification of Acceptance for Special Tracks

Full Research Papers (Springer)
31.05.2021 15.06.2021 Submission deadline for Full Papers
05.07.2021 09.07.2021 Notification of acceptance for Full Papers
23.07.2021 Submission of final versions for Full Papers

Work in Progress / Short Contributions / Practical Reports / Posters (Shaker)

26.07.2021 Submission deadline for Work in Progress / Short Contributions / Practical Reports / Posters / Abstracts and Talk only
09.08.2021 Notification of acceptance for Work in Progress / Short Contributions / Practical Reports / Posters / Abstracts and Talk only
23.08.2021 Submission of final versions for Work in Progress / Short Contributions / Practical Reports / Posters /Abstracts and Talk only

EnviroInfo 2021
27.09. - 29.09. Physical, hybrid or virtual conference in Berlin