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Digital Sharing Economy and Sustainability

The digital transition of society has changed sharing practices and scaled them up to become a phenomenon called ‘the Digital Sharing Economy’ (DSE). The new forms and practices of sharing promoted by the DSE have become a prominent enabler of change in production and consumption patterns as well as social and economic structures. The effects of the digitally enabled sharing can be both positive and negative when viewed from the perspective of sustainable development. Questions about the contributions and challenges of the DSE for sustainability have not been thoroughly addressed. Identifying and discussing such questions can assist us in understanding and analyzing the potential of digitally enabled sharing to change people's lives, the society, and the global environment for the better.


Call for Papers

The track is planned to raise critical questions and discussions about the implications of digital sharing on sustainability with the primary aim to help such impacts be identified, understood, and dealt with. Contributions that address the following, or other related, areas are welcome:

  • Positive and negative impacts of the DSE on consumption and production
  • Positive and negative socio-economic impacts of the DSE
  • Sustainable business models in the DSE
  • Innovations in the DSE
  • Value co-creation in digital sharing systems
  • Methods for assessing the impact of the DSE
  • Policy formulation for the DSE
  • Labor and labor issues in the DSE
  • (Dis)Trust in digital sharing systems
  • Impacts of consumer-to-consumer (C2C) sharing models
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) sharing platforms vs. conventional businesses


Maria Pouri, M. Sc., University of Zurich, Department of Informatics Informatics and Sustainability Research

Please contact the organizer in case you are not sure whether your working topic is of interest for this special track!


This special track aims to serve as a platform for researchers and experts to present and disseminate the results of their research to a wider audience and to share and exchange ideas with the conference attendees.

Important rules for submissions and dates can be found here.