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Dr. Libby Heaney

Visual artist with PhD in Quantum Information Science

Libby Heaney is a visual artist with a PhD in quantum physics, whose moving image works, performances & participatory experiences explore the impacts of emerging technologies such as quantum computing & machine learning.

After 8 years as a research scientist at institutions such as University of Oxford & National University of Singapore, Heaney became disillusioned by the lack of critical discourses within her field & retrained as an artist not only to investigate the power structures of technology from wider viewpoints, but to also propose alternative, magical realities subverting the predominent use of these tools.

Now, Heaney uses noise, nonsense, surrealism & affect to creates new expressions of collective identity & belonging with each other and the world – a shape-shifting posthuman spirituality.

Heaney has exhibited widely in the UK & internationally including at the Tate Modern London, CCCB Barcelona & Ars Electronic Linz. She is currently resident of the iconic London institution Somerset House where she is working on a major commission using quantum computers for Berlin’s Light Art Space.