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INFORMATIK 2021 - 51st Annual Conference of the German Informatics Society

 27st September - 01st October 2021 in Berlin & Online

The INFORMATIK is the official annual conference of the German Informatics Society (GI), the largest association of computer scientists in the German-speaking world and is held annually at changing locations. In 2021, the INFORMATIK will take place online and in Berlin, with a focus on sustainability.

Topics such as Green IT, resource conservation, use of smart technologies and optimization of systems dominate the discussion on where and how sustainable informatics can provide assistance for sustainable development. At INFORMATIK 2021, we bring together experts from the spheres of science, politics and business, highlight social and political contexts and seek dialog with all interested parties. INFORMATIK 2021 addresses the following four fields of action in informatics: ecological, economic, social and technological.

The Informatics Festival

Under the umbrella of INFORMATIK 2021 take place 4 events with different focuses: 5 days, an international informatics festival!

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