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Dr. Astrid Elbe

Vice President Product Development, Aviat Networks

Astrid Elbe joined Aviat Networks, a leading expert in high-reliability and critical wireless network infrastructure, in February 2021 as head of R&D. Between 2011 and January 2021, she held various R&D management positions at Intel Corporation, where she was responsible for, among other things, the first LTE modem chip development projects for cell phones and tablets from Samsung and Apple, as well as managing Intel's central research in Europe (Intel Labs). Prior to that, she was responsible for product development of security controllers for SIM cards, credit cards, electronic passports and ID cards at Siemens/Infineon as well as various other R&D management tasks in chip and software development in Infineon's wireless and security business. Astrid Elbe holds a PhD in physics, is married and mother of three children.