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Matthias Brucke

Founder and shareholder embeteco GmbH & Co. KG

Matthias Brucke is an entrepreneur, networker and digital pioneer from the very beginning. After a start in the digital world on the C64 in 1982, school and studies in technical computer science, he switched to research and was active in various leadership positions there for many years. In 2013, he founded embeteco GmbH & Co. KG, where he is responsible for networking, vision and strategy. His particular strength, in addition to his deep understanding of innovation methods and technology, is his good networking with smart people in a wide range of disciplines. He is involved as a lecturer, as a specialist group/ working group leader in networks and associations, and in standardization. For several years, for example, he has led the Smart City/ Smart Region expert group in the National Digital Summit and is active nationally at the DKE and internationally at the IEC in the field of smart city standardization.